Car Elevator


Escort you and the car
Schumacher take years of car elevator manufacturing technology from Schumacher USA, using highly sophisticated VYVF technology to precise control speed, avoid the noise and car jitter caused by traction system load increased because uneven stress of Car, maximize optimization features Of this series products.

Dual control operation panel
There are two control operation panel in the car. Therefore the driver can operate the elevator in the car without stepping out.

Safety guide device
Safety guide device sets in the car ground to ensure fine security both the automobile and the elevator.

Special display system
Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers in/out of the car

Front/rear door opening are available
The elevator car is positioned between the front and rear door openings which is more convenient for the safety aspect and for the cars to enter/exit from the elevator cars.

Specification & Drawing

TQJ Download Drawing
No.FunctionFunction description
1VVVF driveMotor rotating speed can be precisely adjusted to get smooth speed curve in lift start, travel and stop and gain the sound comfort.
2VVVF door operatorMotor rotating speed can be precisely adjusted to get the more gentle and sensitive door machine start/stop
3Inspection operationWhen the lift enters into inspection operation, the car travels at 0.25m/s inching running.
4Arrive auto openElevator slow down to leveling, auto open
5Express door closingWhen the lift stops and opens the door, press door-shut button, the door will be closed immediately.
6Reopen with hall callIn the door shutting process, pressing the hall call button can reopen the door.
7Emergency car lightingEmergency car lighting automatically activated once power failure.
8Overload stopWhen the car is overload, the buzzer rings and the lift remains at rest in the same floor.
9Car ventilation, light automatic shut offIf there is no calling or command signal within the stipulated time, the car fan and lighting will be automatically closed in order to save the energy.
10Photocell protectionIn the door open and shut period, the door protection device of infrared ray that covers the whole door height is used to probe both the passengers and objects.
11Fire alarmIn emergency conditions, if bell Button on car operation panel is continuously pressed, electric bell rings on top of the car.
12Fire emergency returnIf you start emergency switch in main landing, all the callings will be cancelled. The lift directly and immediately drives to the designated rescue landing and automatically opens the door.
13Five way intercomCommunication amid car, car top, lift machine room, well pit and rescue duty room through walkie-talkie.
14Floor and direction indicatorThe car shows the lift floor location and current travel direction.
15Floor and direction indicator in hallThe landing shows the lift floor location and current travel direction.
16Over-leveling and limit protection deviceThe device can be effectively prevented the elevator hit the top or bottom when the elevator runaway, make the elevator more secure.
17Remote shutdownVia the key switch, the elevator can be summoned to the base station (after completion of the service) and automatically out of service.
18Start protection controlIf the lift does not leave door zone within the designated time after it gets started, it gets started, it will stop the operation.
19Anti-stall timer protecionThe lift stops operation due to slippery traction wire rope.
20Down over-speed protectionWhen the lift downs 1.2 times higher than the rated speed, this device will automatically cut off control mains, the motor running so as to atop lift down at over-speed. If the lift continues to down at over-speed, and the speed is 1.4 times higher than rated speed, safety tongs act to force the lift stop in order to ensure the safety.
21Fault self-diagnosis recordWith the help of this record function, faults can be restored rapidly so that the lift can remove in a short time.