Changjiang Runfa Group

Since established in 1989, Changjiang Runfa Group has grown its scale, with elevator guide rails, steel, fingerprint board,
building materials, port machinery, shipbuilding and health& medical, real estate development, four-star hotel and other
industries. Group under the jurisdiction of the Changjiang Runfa (Machinery) Industrial Park, the Changjiang Runfa (Eastern)
Industrial Park and the Changjiang Runfa (Suyu) Industrial Park and other three large-scale industrial production park, with a
listed company (stock abbreviation:Changjiang Runfa, Stock code: 002435)

Sub companies are list as below:
1​Hainan Hailing Chemipharma Corporation Limited
2, Changjiangrunfa Machinery Co., Ltd. 
Changjiangrunfa(zhangjiagang) Pugang Co.,Ltd
3, Zhangjiagang Xinhong Aluminum Development Co., Ltd
4, Changjiang Runfa (Zhangjiagang) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
5, Changjiang Runfa (Jiangsu) Coated Plate Co., Ltd
6, Suqian Xinhong Aluminum Development Co., Ltd
7, Suqian Rongxin Metal Product Co., Ltd
8, Changjiang Runfa (Suqian) Group
9, Zhangjiang Port Machinary Co., Ltd of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Group
10, Chanjiang Runfa (Zhangjiagang) Real Estate Co., Ltd
11, Zhangjiagang Changjiang Hotel
12​Changjiang Runfa (Zhangjiagang) FTZ Internantional Trade Co., Ltd

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