Dumbwaiter Elevator


Using industrial computer (PLC) or computer control, complete specifications, novel structure, fine workmanship, with safe, reliable, stable, easy to operate the car and landing doors made of high quality stainless steel plate production lines, luxury and beauty, widely used in hotels, restaurants and etc, is popular among customers.

Superior performance
Electric lock function: call the base station is equipped with electric locks ladder box, used to start and shut down the elevator control circuit,
Run fault protection function: When 10 seconds over the normal run time, the elevator stops, to prevent burn out the motor
Fault self-display the diagnosis faults in code display.
Self-diagnostic capabilities: the ability to diagnose and identify the causes.
Restoring self-insurance function: if the control signal circuit short-circuit the insurance
automatically disconnects when the failure to eliminate auto-connect after the insurance.
Contactor adhesion protection: if contactor coil power disconnected contacts unable to prevent the re-run to ensure safety.
Answer the call: Press the call button, the called elevator buttons light on, lights off after arriving.
Beeper function: When arrive, the beeper will remind.
Door status indicator: landing door open after elevator arrive, digital display door status and prompts this elevator is used in this layer.
Operating direction display function: the direction indicated by the vertical line luminous arrow.
Floor display: the floor(elevator arrive) is digital displayed.