Moving walkway

As easy as in smooth ground, the everlasting popular design & quality
In colorful modern city, supermarkets, public buildings, airports, exhibition centers and
transport interchanges and other public transport situation, moving walkways due to its
characteristics, not only to meet the huge flow of people’s transport problems, but also to meet walking long distances and transport baggage cart, stroller shopping cart, disabled vehicle, etc. when people take escalator to upstairs and downstairs, they will feel like the ground cover, a great convenience to people s travel and shopping. It is convenient, fast and pleasant ride demands, thereby has become first solution for supermarkets, airports, exhibition centers and transport interchanges.

It blends with modern design and style.
The stairway guide rail design with armrest fixes the whole stairway running in guide rail, It
controls the stairway movement, avoids friction between the steps, skirting and comb teeth It is convenient for installation, adjustment, repair and maintenance, It greatly increases the
running effects.

High efficiency & energy-saving
Customer can choose VVVF control to control running speed, the energy saving performance
is obvious, it can prolong product life and reduce the operation cost.